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  • Tobias Geiß

The benefits of Marketing Automation for B2B companies

Many business owners are still yet to hear about marketing automation, but that doesn't mean they should be. As the digital world advances, so does the way businesses interact with their customers. Marketing automation is an easy and cost effective solution for B2B firms in particular, which can make all the difference from a customer perspective by providing them with better service and information.

What is Marketing Automation?

B2B marketing automation is an automated process which allows businesses to better manage their customer details and interactions in a digital medium. It is a marketing strategy for businesses that allows them to manage their data and online engagements in a more efficient way. It acts as an alternative to all of the old manual processes and enables businesses to become more responsive and adaptable, leading on from this you can build better relationships with your customers.

This means that you can now automate many aspects of your digital communications which will help you to save time and eventually gain more customers.

By deciding to implement Marketing Automation, B2B companies will be able to gain more customers as well as save time and money.

Why Marketing Automation for your B2B company?

Marketing Automation is crucial for your B2B company because it can benefit you greatly, especially when it comes to marketing tactics.

It allows your business to send out messages to your customers based on previous information you have received, meaning you can improve the experience of your customer base. Marketing automation allows your business to monitor interactions you have with customers, thus making them more accountable. With Marketing Automation you will be able to target the correct individuals by segmenting customer database into groups, making it possible for sales to deliver relevant information at the best possible time, ensuring more efficient growth.

What are the main benefits of Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has many advantages for businesses, especially for B2B firms. It is an easy to use system that helps businesses to better manage their data as well as target their customers more effectively. This can also benefit them by saving them time and money which they can use elsewhere, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business such as the products and services they offer. There are many advantages that a business can expect to be able to gain by deciding to make use of Marketing Automation.

Reduce Costs | The most obvious of these is the fact that it will help businesses to save time and money, meaning they can use their resources to focus on other aspects, such as their products and services.

Target effectively | Another key benefit is the fact that it will help them to target their customers more effectively which will lead on from this increase customer retention levels. By this stage though, businesses will be able to target the right individuals through determining their customer profiles and interests.

Access better data | Companies will also have access to better data and information about their customers, allowing them to collect a wealth of useful information from them as well as gaining new ones. This will help to improve the experience of their customer base and increase the number of sales they make.

This means they can deliver more relevant messages at the right time which will further increase sales. By understanding the benefits of marketing automation, B2B companies can gain more customers as well as save money, allowing them to target their existing clients better and increase sales and profits.

How to set up your B2B Marketing Automation?

There is no way of Marketing Automation without the use a software program. Not only will you be able to process data and information faster but they will also gain access to this information which they can then use to gather a wealth of useful data and information. To set up your own set of Marketing Automation, you will need to take the following steps:

Decide on the type of Customer Relationship Management tool. You can choose between many different options but there are certain software platforms that are more suitable for businesses. These platforms include: Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Mailchimp etc.

Upload your customer list into the CRM. This step is important because it will allow your messages to get delivered to the right people.

Set Up an email campaign in your CRM. This step is crucial because it will allow you to outline exactly what you want to do with the campaign and how you want to use it. It will also allow you to set up marketing automation rules for when emails are sent out so that you can use these for targeting and segmenting your emails for people on your list.

Create segments. With this step you will be able to create lists for segmenting your leads into different groups and sending out different emails to them.

Build email templates. Now you will be able to use the same template for your email over and over again so that you don’t have to spend a long time creating a new email every time you send one out, especially when the content may stay the same most of the time.

Leverage the insights. See how many people have opened your emails and how many people have clicked on your links. Measure the effectiveness of your campaign so that you can make adjustments as necessary.

Send your emails. Determine when the best time to send them out will be.

Marketing Automation does not happen over night. It can be a long process depending on the size of your company. It may seem overwhelming at first but it will be easier to complete when you have a step-by-step guide, such as this one, to help you set up your marketing automation campaign. You can go through the steps one at a time until you are comfortable with each one and then move on to the next step.

Now it's all on your Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a powerful approach that can help your business achieve its marketing and sales goals when used correctly. Automating your marketing processes allows you to target your customers more effectively, measure the results of your campaigns, and improve your bottom line. By using marketing automation, you can grow your business and reach new heights. Are you ready to take advantage of all that marketing automation has to offer?

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